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Do citizens have a ‘right to record’ in the digital age?

When Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) and I talked this summer about his proposal for a digital Bill of Rights, I followed up by asking him about whether it might be more productive to focus on the rights that we already have in the digital context.

That conversation naturally led to a question about freedom of assembly and freedom of the press, both of which came under some pressure in the United States during the Occupy protests of the past year. Our interview follows.

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Review of Guobin Yang's "Power of the Internet in China"

My review of
The Power of the Internet in China: Citizen Activism Online,
a combination of research and sociological analysis,

Tricky Relationship Between Mainstream Media and Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism took a beating last week when a post on CNN's iReport incorrectly reported that Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack. (The post has been removed, but Google still has a cached version.) Over at BuzzMachine, Jeff Jarvis pushes through the ensuing cit-j firestorm and redirects the conversation: It may be a mistake for news organizations to keep…

Validators: Asking for Donations to Pay for the News

The New York times has a short article on community-funded journalism, in which the public pays a journalist in advance to cover a topic.