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San Francisco looks to tap into the open data economy

With revised legislation and a chief data officer, San Francisco is iterating on its platform goals.

As interest in open data continues to grow around the world, cities have become laboratories for participatory democracy. They’re also ground zero for new experiments in spawning civic startups that deliver city services or enable new relationships between the people and city government. San Francisco was one of the first municipalities in the United States to embrace the
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Profile of the Data Journalist: The Hacks Hacker

Chrys Wu is helping other journalists learn how to practice data journalism at "Hacks and Hackers."

To learn more about the people who are redefining the practice computer-assisted reporting, in some cases, building the newsroom stack for the 21st century, Radar conducted a series of email interviews with data journalists during the 2012 NICAR Conference. "Data journalism and news apps create the lens that shows people the big picture they couldn't see but maybe had a hunch about otherwise," says Chrys Wu.

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Can the People's House become a social platform for the people?

The combined potential of social media and legislative data took the stage at the first congressional hackathon.

Leaders of the House of Representatives met with Facebook developers and open government advocates to talk about how technology can improve the legislative process. New prototype apps hint at the future that awaits the "People's House" in the 21st century.

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Gov 2.0 enters the mainstream on NPR and the AP

NPR and the Associated Press recently focused on civic apps and other Gov 2.0 topics.

Civic applications recently pushed a bit further into the public's consciousness via a lively discussion on Washington's local NPR station, WAMU, and through an Associated Press article that examined open data and apps.

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