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Sensor networks and the future of forecasting

Sensor networks and the future of forecasting

Data and low-cost sensor networks can spot extreme weather before it hits.

Identifying extreme weather patterns can minimize impact when that weather arrives. But to improve long-range forecasts, we'll need to create environmental sensor networks out of phones, satellites and other technology.

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Four short links: 7 September 2010

Four short links: 7 September 2010

Crowdsourced Climate Science, Underground Map of Science, Programming Clue, and Great Molbio Writing

  1. GalaxyZoo for Climate Science? — GalaxyZoo is the crowdsourced physics research. A group of climate scientists want the same, to help predict “weather events”. See also the Guardian article. (via adw_tweets on Twitter)
  2. Crispian’s Science Map — gorgeous Underground-style map showing scientists and their contributions. (via arjenlentz on Twitter)
  3. Programming Things I Wish I Knew Earlier (Ted Dziuba) — opinionated piece, but boils down to “keep it simple until you can’t”, and “the more you know about the actual hardware, the better you can code”. With EC2, when Amazon says “I/O performance: High”, what does that even mean? Is that suitable for a heavy random read scenario? (via Hacker News)
  4. The Molecular Biology Carnival, 2ed — collection of excellent blog writing about molecular biology. (via BioinfoTools on Twitter)
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Data as a climate change agent

Climate data from NOAA and NASA could spur better decisions and a more informed society.

Following in the footsteps of GPS and weather data, climate data services could enable citizens, businesses and nations to make more informed decisions about infrastructure, lifestyles and urban planning. Here's a look at where climate data and its nascent services stand.

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