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What we could do with really big touchscreens

Ten-inch tablets are just the start of the touchscreen publishing revolution.

If we could combine the touchscreen's ability to signal our layout wishes with the large displays and workspaces that many of us enjoy at our work desks, wouldn't that change the kinds of documents we create?

Publishers, don't pave that cow path

Lonely Planet's Gus Balbontin on agility in the digital age.

Gus Balbontin, global innovation manager at Lonely Planet, sees a future where agility and seamless experiences across content channels are hallmarks of great publishers.

Open-ended publishing

Digital content isn't defined by editions, so let's stop thinking that way.

Content creators are trained to create defined editions: a book, an article, a movie, etc. Yet, digital content doesn't work that way. It flows and mashes up, dissipates and then reassembles. That's why it's time for a mental shift toward open-ended publishing.

The gravitational pull of information

Bob Boiko on why designers and programmers should converge around content.

Content creators, designers and programmers all speak slightly different languages. Bob Boiko believes that a focus on information — its structure and its delivery — can get everyone on the same page.

The iPad needs its HyperCard

Easy to use content creation tools are key to the iPad's long-term success.

Dale Dougherty says that for the iPad to be something different, it must not be just a delivery platform but a creative one. It needs to offer professionals and amateurs an opportunity to create a unique experience with interactive media.