"crisis response" entries

Strata Week: Your personal automated data scientist

Wolfram releases a pro tool, protecting data during times of need, and new doubts about dating services.

Wolfram|Alpha launches a pro version of its computational knowledge engine, guidelines emerge for protecting the data of people in crisis, and researchers cast doubt on dating sites' matchmaking algorithms.

Strata Week: Investors circle big data

Big funding news for data startups, a new verification tool for Wikipedia, and Angry Birds takes down the economy.

This week's data news includes funding announcements from a number of data startups, a new real-time research tool for Ushahidi and Wikipedia, and calculations about the amount of work time Americans waste on Angry Birds.

Social, mapping and mobile data tell the story of Hurricane Irene

Citizens will act as important sensors as a huge storm washes up the East Coast of the United States.

In the information ecosystem of 2011, media, government and citizens alike will play a critical role in sharing information about what's happening in natural disasters, putting open data to work, and providing help to one another.