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Business-government ties complicate cyber security

"Inside Cyber Warfare" author Jeffrey Carr discusses current security trends.

Is an attack on a U.S. business' network an attack on the U.S. itself? "Inside Cyber Warfare" author Jeffrey Carr discusses the intermingling of corporate and government interests in this interview.

Cyber warfare: don't inflate it, don't underestimate it

"Inside Cyber Warfare" author Jeffrey Carr on China, Russia, and the one target that worries him most

The public rift between Google and China may have elevated cyber security and cyber warfare into the public’s consciousness, but truth is, network attacks and Internet-based espionage are nothing new. In the following interview, Jeffrey Carr, author of “Inside Cyber Warfare,” takes a measured look at cyber attacks — the major players, the hot spots, the huge problems, and the realistic solutions. He also reveals the one cyber warfare target that keeps him up at night.

Loki's Net

The National Security Risks of Gov 2.0 and the Social Web

Every culture has its Trickster myths because Trickster lives on the edge of what the rest of us perceive as "real." He crosses boundaries so often and with such ease, not to mention panache, that our own boundaries expand because of him. Trickster is "the doorway leading out, the spirit of the road at dusk" (Lewis Hyde) that doesn't belong to any town but is in-between all towns; the province of thieves and spies. Here's an updated version of an old Trickster tale that I think is particularly relevant to the topic of this post–the national security risks associated with a more open Government in general and social software in particular.