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Passage of CISPA in the U.S. House highlights need for viable cybersecurity legislation

Cybersecurity bills must balance protection with online privacy and civil liberties.

The passage of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives has raised grave concerns about is potential effect on digital privacy and civil liberties.

Business-government ties complicate cyber security

"Inside Cyber Warfare" author Jeffrey Carr discusses current security trends.

Is an attack on a U.S. business' network an attack on the U.S. itself? "Inside Cyber Warfare" author Jeffrey Carr discusses the intermingling of corporate and government interests in this interview.

Why cloud services are a tempting target for attackers

Jeffrey Carr on the significant and escalating risks of hosting data with cloud providers.

Before organizations embrace the efficiencies and cost savings of cloud services, they should also closely consider the security repercussions and liabilities attached to the cloud.

Trend to watch: Formal relationships between governments and hackers

Cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr on the rise of government-sanctioned hackers.

Over the next year, cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr expects to see governments enlist civilians in organized cyber militias — and some countries will do this in plan and public view.