"data literacy" entries

International Open Government Data Camp looks to build community

In its second year, the camp's organizers aspire to galvanize more governments to open up their data.

The second International Open Government Data Camp will convene advocates, activists, civic media, citizens and officials to exchange ideas, code and expertise in Warsaw, Poland.

Parsing a new Pew report: 3 ways the Internet is shaping healthcare

Key trends from the Pew Internet and Life Project's health information survey.

New research from the Pew Internet and Life Project sheds light on how online users are gathering and sharing health data. Here's a look at three important trends revealed in the survey.

Strata Week: Running the numbers

IA Ventures success, MathJax display engine, statistical literacy, and making big data more human

IA Ventures raises a huge first-time fund; MathJax provides an open source mathematical display engine; Kevin Drum shares 10 statistics pitfalls; and Paul Bradshaw explains how to bring big data down to a human scale.