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Data Jujitsu: The art of turning data into product

Data Jujitsu: The art of turning data into product

Smart data scientists can make big problems small.

Having worked in academia, government and industry, I’ve had a unique opportunity to build products in each sector. Much of this product development has been around building data products. Just as methods for general product development have steadily improved, so have the ideas for developing data products. Thanks to large investments in the general area of…
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Tapping into a world of ambient data

Microsoft's David Campbell on what's changed in the data frame.

Microsoft is thinking about big data and creating new tools to create value from it. In this interview from the Web 2.0 Summit, David Campbell, a technical fellow at Microsoft, talks about his work and thinking about big data.

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Looking for KDD contenders

Looking for KDD contenders

Trying to crack a tough data problem? Submit it to the KDD Cup challenge.

Organizers of this year's KDD Cup data mining challenge are looking for data problems in areas such as medicine, education, the environment, or anything that leads to a social good. Submissions are due by November 15.

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