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Strata Week: There's money in data sifting

DataSift lands funding, popping the hood on Google Plus, data products for education

In the latest Strata Week: DataSift's access to the Twitter firehose proves compelling for investors, the inner workings of Google Plus are revealed, and contestants crank out apps for education.


How can we visualize the big players in the Web 2.0 data layer?

An update on how a data layer will be added to the Web 2.0 Points of Control map.

How do you visualize the size, strength and limitations of data-centric companies? That's the tricky issue being tackled by the new Web 2.0 Summit Points of Control map.

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What are the key data categories companies want to control?

Help us build a data layer for the Web 2.0 Summit map.

Web 2.0 Summit 2011 is being organized around the theme of "The Data Frame," so last year's Web 2.0 map needs a related update.

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A new challenge looks for a smarter algorithm to improve healthcare

The Heritage Healthcare Prize puts up $3 million dollars for a predictive algorithm to identify at-risk patients.

The Heritage Health Prize will ask the world's scientists to submit an algorithm that will help identify patients at risk of hospitalization before they need to go to the emergency room.

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Six months after "What is data science?"

A collection of data science interviews, ideas, and analysis.

Mike Loukides kicked off our data science coverage six months ago with his post, "What is data science?" Here's a look at the key stories and trends that have emerged since then.

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Growing new data streams

There's considerable promise in data sources targeting the global agricultural community.

High-quality and high-margin products will come to market that have their roots in agricultural data acquisition and repackaging.

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