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Big data and open source unlock genetic secrets

Charlie Quinn is mixing data to advance genetic discovery.

Genomics scientist Charlie Quinn is combining experimental data with publicly available information to advance the life sciences.

Google Correlate: Your data, Google's computing power

Upload state- or time-based data and Google Correlate reveals search trends.

Google Correlate is a new tool in Google Labs that lets you upload state- or time-based data to see what search trends most correlate with that information. Here's a look at how it works and what you can do with it.

Search Notes: Connecting Google's dots

How Wallet could fit in with other Google tools, correlate your own data, removing content from search.

In the latest Search Notes: Thoughts on how Wallet could connect to other Google services; a new tool to correlate your own data with search results; international search share; an easy way to remove your content from Google's view.