A connected world is a better world. Right?

Yes. And no.

We are more connected now than ever: You can chat with your kids when you’re on the road, so can a pedophile. You can access your bank account in your pajamas, so can the RBN. Your healthcare data is always readily at hand, but not just to your hands. You can tell your political representatives what you think; they can whip the “base”…
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What I learned about #debates, social media and being a pundit on Al Jazeera English

Why I'll be turning off the Net and tuning in to the final presidential debate.

Earlier this month, when I was asked by Al Jazeera English if I’d like to be go on live television to analyze the online side of the presidential debates, I didn’t immediately accept. I’d be facing…
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The missing ingredient from hyperwired debates: the feedback loop

The 2012 Presidential debates show how far convergence has come and how far we have yet to go.

What a difference a season makes. A few months after widespread online frustration with a tape-delayed Summer Olympics, the 2012 Presidential debates will feature the most online livestreams and wired, up-to-the-second digital coverage in history. Given the pace of technological change, it’s inevitable that each election season…
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