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Defense Department Releases Open Source Memo

I’ve been holding my breath for so long waiting for this memo that I may not remember how to start breathing again, but here it is. The Department of Defense Deputy CIO Dave Wennergren has signed and released “Clarifying Guidance on Open Source Software.”

The Army, the Web, and the Case for Intentional Emergence

Web 2.0 isn't really about specific technologies, it's about enabling large scale emergence. The Army should replicate the kind of generative platforms found on the web and intentionally enable emergence in the enterprise.

Open Source in Defense

I've been meaning to write a post about open-source software in defense for a while and today my inbox achieved critical mass with the arrival of yesterday's GCN article on the subject. The article previews a memo being prepared by the Defense Department's CIO that should be released in early November. It will provide additional guidance on the use of open source software in defense and is meant to make it easier for the government to obtain the benefits that come with open source.

How Technology Almost Lost the War, but Should Do Better

Technology almost lost the war, but can't we make it better?