"developerwir" entries

Developer Week in Review: HP sets webOS free

HP wraps webOS up with a bow, Oracle lands in court, and one lucky coder escapes justice.

This week, we had heartwarming stories of one corporation's generous donation, one corporation fighting a lawsuit alleging extortion, and one company billing time for the man who wasn't there.

Developer Week in Review: Developers are our most important asset?

A good hacker is hard to find, a cheap data center is hard to get to, and the app store model is hard to ignore

An argument for the value of highly productive programmers, datacenters head for the country to save a few bucks, and the app store model seems to be taking over the industry, and not just for mobile.

Developer Week in Review: Siri is the talk of the town

Voice-driven apps on the horizon, take Stanford CS courses on the house, and JavaScript flexes its muscles.

Everyone either wants to be just like Siri or thinks it's (she's?) a waste of time. Stanford expands its free CS curriculum, and JavaScript gains encryption and a JVM implementation.

Developer Week in Review: Adobe sends Flex to Apache

Flex goes FLOSS, some cheap Pi, and brain on a chip.

Adobe just gave away Flex, a new single-board computer might dethrone Arduino as the tool of choice for makers, and researchers bring us a step closer to our robotic overlords.

Developer Week in Review: Adobe raises the white flag on mobile Flash

Adobe immobilized mobile Flash, Eclipse joins the vanity language fad, and one man asks if brainteasers really find good programmers.

Flash isn't dead, but Adobe is checking into hospice options. Eclipse adds another language to the list of ones almost but not exactly like Java. And how do you find good programmers? Probably not with brainteasers.

Developer Week in Review: The hijacking of an insulin pump

Medical devices are remotely hacked, Google Maps get a price tag, and Linus Torvalds really doesn't like a certain language.

If you own an insulin pump, someone out there might have a hack with your name on it. Google decides to make high-volume Maps API users pony up some cash, and the creator of Linux goes after C++.

Developer Week in Review: These things always happen in threes

The industry loses a third giant, why the GPL hurts FL/OSS, and Steve Jobs goes to the movies.

One of the earliest language pioneers, John McCarthy, passed last week. Elsewhere, one developer admits he's using the GPL to force companies to pay him, and the creator of the "West Wing" is on the short list to write the film version of Steve Jobs' life.

Developer Week in Review: Talking to your phone

Getting serious about Siri, Open Office on the rocks, and Google embraces SQL.

This week, we ask if Apple's Siri has more than novelty value, and decide it does. Open Office needs you (or at least your money) to stay afloat, and Google bends to developer pressure and finally adds SQL support to its cloud computing platform.

Developer Week in Review: Two giants fall

Steve Jobs and the App Store, goodbye to Dennis Ritchie, and an internal Google critique goes public.

Better late than never, a few thoughts on Steve Jobs. Also, a Unix pioneer leaves us, and Google's dirty laundry is accidentally hung out to dry.

Developer Week in Review: Android proves fruitful for Microsoft

More bucks for Microsoft, more horsepower for SPARC, and more votes for ... someone.

Samsung agrees to pay Microsoft royalties for Android use. Elsewhere, Oracle keeps the SPARC line alive, and the hackability of voting machines is exposed.