Kindle Comes to the iPhone

Users of the iPhone and iPod Touch can now tap into Amazon's Kindle store with the free Kindle for iPhone application. From The New York Times: The move comes a week after Amazon started shipping the updated version of its Kindle reading device. It signals that the company may be more interested in becoming the pre-eminent retailer of e-books than…

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Photos from New York Times R&D Lab

Nick Bilton was a hit yesterday at the TOC Conference, and during his keynote he talked about what they’re working on with content at the NYT R&D Lab. Nick was kind enough to give a few of us a private tour earlier this week, and here’s some photos from the trip:…

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iPhone App Outperforms Most Print (Computer) Books This Holiday Season

Conventional wisdom suggests that when choosing pilot projects, you pick ones with a high likelihood of success. It's hard to argue that iPhone: The Missing Manual was a reasonable choice for testing the iPhone App waters. But while we knew it would do well, we've been quite pleased with just how well: If the iPhone App by itself had been…

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New Tech Mixes Book Experience with Sensors

A new form of hybrid book is coming on the market — and the inventor consults with Apple. From the Guardian UK: Lyndsay Williams — who has already developed the PC sound card, SmartQuill, and SenseCam — is now working on SenseBooks, and the first of a series will be published next year. SenseBooks are a hybrid of paper…

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Q&A With Co-Creator of Classics iPhone E-Reader

The Classics app is a little different than competing iPhone e-readers: for starters, it’s not free. Classics co-creator Phill Ryu discusses the app’s pricing, design and development in this Q&A.

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Mobile First, PC Second

Over on Radar, Tim O'Reilly says the mobile tipping point is upon us: I think about the web as experienced on a PC, and then about mobile as an add on. The tipping point has come; that notion has to flip: if we're trying to get ahead of the curve, we need to think first about the phone, and then…

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Readius Rollable E-Reader at Frankfurt Book Fair

The Readius rollable e-reader will be presented at this week's Frankfurt Book Fair, according to the Readius official blog. First announced in July, the Readius is a cell-phone-sized gadget that includes a five-inch rollable E Ink display. Related Stories: New Sony E-Reader Has Touchscreen, No Web Connection iRex's Large E-Reader Aimed at Business Crowd The Pitfalls of Publishing's E-Reader…

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New Sony E-Reader Has Touchscreen, No Web Connection

Web connectivity has always been the key difference between the Kindle and Sony's Reader. With Sony's release of its third-generation e-reader, Web connectivity is still the big separator. The PRS-700 is faster and offers more storage than its predecessors, but it does not include a Wi-Fi or cellular option. The PRS-700's most notable upgrades are an LED reading light and…

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CNET Pops the Kindle's Hood and Takes Pictures

CNET/Tech Republic cracks open the Kindle and takes an in-depth look at its hardware. Check out the photo gallery. Related Stories: Reversing Everything: "Hacking the Kindle" How to Read any Type of Document on the Kindle (Almost) Digging Around Amazon's Topaz File Format…

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iPhone Not Hot in Japan

The Wall Street Journal says iPhone sales are stagnating in Japan: According to market-research firm MM Research Institute, Apple sold about 200,000 phones in Japan in the first two months [July and August]. Since then, however, demand has been falling steadily, and analysts now widely believe sales are unlikely to reach a total of 500,000 units. That is half the…

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