"digital copyrights" entries

DRM-Free Day, forever.

Authors and publishers need to get creative with piracy. DRM isn't the answer.

Mike Hendrickson: "Adding DRM to content to deter theft … are you kidding me? Seriously, think about that. It will take a good programmer about an hour to get past most DRM, or a manual shop somewhere in the world will cut and scan the physical book and away it goes."

Never, ever "out of print"

How POD and ebooks make traditional contract models irrelevant.

In a recent interview, attorney Dana Newman tackled issues surrounding publishing rights in the digital landscape. She said changes in the current model are needed to keep things equitable for both publishers and authors.

Creativity isn't one size fits all, so why is copyright?

Google's Bill Patry on market signals and copyright terms.

In this video interview, Bill Patry, senior copyright counsel at Google, addresses the one-size-fits-all concept and says it doesn't make sense for copyright terms. He also talks about piracy and whether or not we should eliminate copyright.

Digital copyright gets further complicated with "levels of rights"

How a freelancer ruling complicates copyright and affects the Google Books case.

A recent ruling in a case between publishers and freelancers could complicate the Google Books settlement as well. Here, attorney and literary agent Dana Newman explains why.