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Target, Serve and Adapt: A Simple Model for Audience Development

Shifting audiences have pushed publishing into a perpetual beta, but trailblazing companies have found a way to adapt.

Maghound Customizable Magazine Service Launches

Maghound, a customizable magazine service from Time Inc., is now available. From Folio: The membership pricing is tiered– three titles for $4.95 a month, five titles for $7.95, seven titles for $9.95, and $1 per title for eight titles or more. Memberships can be entirely managed online, as well as by email and phone, from changing magazine title selections…

Digital Change: "Disruptive and Imminent"

Adam Hodgkin lists five reasons why books might go digital, among them: Moore's Law, energy needs, and positive perception of digital content. Hodkin then concludes: At the moment CEO's and captains of publishing houses feel the need to be cautious and to reassure their markets and their audience that change will be gradual and not disruptive. But if the…

Digital Experiments and Useful Analytics Must Go Hand-in-Hand

A recent IDPF presentation offers an important reminder about the value of hard data in digital experiments.

BN.com Selling Digital Magazine Subscriptions and Back Issues

Barnes & Noble is now selling print and digital magazine subscriptions through its Web site. According to a B&N press release, the service contains more than 1,000 magazine titles and 12,000 back issues. Digital editions are handled by Zinio, the company that also manages B&N's "See Inside" book preview tool. M2 Media Group is managing print subscription fulfillment. Commenting on…

Studio Notes DVD Sales Increase Amidst Digital Distribution

Warner Brothers found that DVD sales actually increased during a simultaneous DVD/VOD release program. These results apply to other industries, including publishing.

The Inertia of Digital Turf Wars

Two recent news stories illustrate the problems that arise when traditional businesses go after digital envelope pushers.

Is Publishing Getting More Comfortable with Digital Brand Building?

Niko Pfund, Vice President and Publisher of the Academic and Trade division of Oxford University Press, recently offered answers to frequently asked publishing questions. Pfund's first response touches on the topic of online availability and its impact (pro or con) on print sales. Pfund writes: The more specialized a book, the more likely it is to benefit from online…

Experimenting for the Sake of Experimenting

Satellite radio companies Sirius and XM are both touting aggregated programming that focuses on a popular artist or topic (e.g. the '08 election) for a period of time, then gives way to the next subject. Sirius calls them "pop-up channels." XM dubs them "microchannels." (They'll have to settle on a name if/when their proposed merger goes through …) From the…