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App Mashes Up Digital Text on Facebook Platform

Digital Texts 2.0 is an interesting application for Facebook that lets you group and share digital material. It's intriguing to see cutting edge development occurring in this space. From the Digital Texts 2.0 about page: Digital Texts 2.0 was undertaken by Dr. Stéfan Sinclair as an initiative to experiment with applying the principles of Web 2.0 to the realm…

New "Libraries" Bring New Privacy Implications

As Google, Amazon and others become de facto digital libraries — and lawsuits emerge — Jeff Jarvis wonders what this means for users' privacy. From BuzzMachine: Any site with content — Google, Amazon, a newspaper, a blog, an ISP — is now the moral equivalent of a library or bookstore, two institutions that try hard not to hand over…

Analyst: Digital Disruption Has TV and Film in Crosshairs

In the wake of Lehman analyst Anthony DiClemente downgrading a wide swath of the entertainment industry, paidContent.org provides some blunt analysis: Boiled down, the core argument is basically: You saw what happened to the music industry and the dramatic fall-off in CD prices. You've seen what's happened to the broadcast TV and newspaper industries. Now it's time for it…

Lamenting the Digital Decline is a Dangerous Path

Harping on the revenue shortfall between digital and traditional content distracts from the bigger questions that need to be asked and answered.

Calling Google a Publisher Underestimates its Platform

Misrepresenting Google and other platform companies limits opportunities for publishers.