"digital reading" entries

Everyone has a stake in the digital reading experience

Louis Rosenfeld says a good reading experience is shaped by everyone involved.

In this video interview, Louis Rosenfeld, publisher at Rosenfeld Media, LLC, says ownership of the digital reading user experience is shared between authors, publishers, device manufacturers and readers.

Customized self-publishing is the future of textbooks

John Conley on where the textbook sector is headed.

In this TOC podcast, John Conley, vice president of publishing and commercial print at Xerox, talks about the textbook market today and what's coming down the road.

The agile upside of XML

Anna von Veh and Mike McNamara on the benefits of XML and the tech-driven future of publishing.

Frankfurt TOC presenters Anna von Veh, a consultant at Say Books, and Mike McNamara, managing director at Araman Consulting Ltd & Outsell-Gilbane UK Affiliate, discuss xml workflows, the (sorry) state of ebook design, and how books and the web will evolve.

Publishing News: Amazon lands "4-Hour" author Timothy Ferriss

Amazon signs its first best-selling author, RR Donnelley acquires two companies, and what publishers can learn from the NYT paywall.

Timothy Ferriss signs with Amazon Publishing to "redefine what is possible," RR Donnelley positions itself for digital publishing success, and the NYT can teach publishers a thing or two about advertising and sponsorship.

Ebook empowerment with EPUB3

EPUB3 could yield enhanced ebooks that finally work on multiple platforms.

New features in EPUB3 are expanding the horizons of ebook enhancement. In this interview, Julien Simon and Jérémie Gisserot of Walrus Books discuss the advantages of EPUB3 and what they’d like to see developers do next.

Marginalia is still alive in the digital world

Joep Kuijper on the Openmargin marginalia platform and iPad app.

It's time to stop lamenting the death of marginalia at the hands of digital publishing and actually do something about it. Openmargin, a startup in the Netherlands, has done just that.