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Top Stories: April 9-13, 2012

Carsharing boosts city governments, why complex systems fail, and what web ops teams could do with big data.

This week on O'Reilly: How Zipcar's technology is saving big money for U.S. city governments, why scalable clouds need simple parts, and pondering the possibilities of web ops and machine learning.

Never, ever "out of print"

How POD and ebooks make traditional contract models irrelevant.

In a recent interview, attorney Dana Newman tackled issues surrounding publishing rights in the digital landscape. She said changes in the current model are needed to keep things equitable for both publishers and authors.

Publishing News: Stats from Amazon's KDP Select program might require a decoder ring

Amazon released KDP Select stats, self-publishers shared publishing tips and the digital rights quagmire continued.

This week in publishing, authors may or may not be making bank on KDP Select, budding self-publishers got insight from experts and the murky digital rights issue raged on.

Digital copyright gets further complicated with "levels of rights"

How a freelancer ruling complicates copyright and affects the Google Books case.

A recent ruling in a case between publishers and freelancers could complicate the Google Books settlement as well. Here, attorney and literary agent Dana Newman explains why.

Digital authors need a whole new set of skills

Dana Newman on how authors can best embrace the e-pocalypse.

Dana Newman, a transactional and intellectual property attorney, on how authors should change behaviors and actions to protect themselves in — and make the most of — the digital age.