"digital transformation" entries

Never, ever "out of print"

How POD and ebooks make traditional contract models irrelevant.

In a recent interview, attorney Dana Newman tackled issues surrounding publishing rights in the digital landscape. She said changes in the current model are needed to keep things equitable for both publishers and authors.

A huge competitive advantage awaits bold publishers

Eric Ries on how lean startup methods apply to publishing.

In this video interview, "The Lean Startup" author Eric Ries talks about his experiences working with traditional publishing structures and how publishers can benefit from lean startup principles.

The give and take between e-publishing standards and innovation

Bill McCoy on EPUB 3 and keeping pace with innovation.

In this video interview, Bill McCoy, executive director of the IDPF, says it's important to emphasize and encourage the innovative aspects of building upon EPUB 3, as long as that innovation doesn't lock consumers in to one closed silo.

Publishing News: Britannica isn't dead, it's digital

A traditional publisher takes a bold digital step, copyright issues span sane to bizarre, and PayPal rescinds its role as censor.

Encyclopaedia Britannica unloads its print product, a Belgian copyright group wants libraries to pay for reading to children, and PayPal does a 180.

Everyone has a stake in the digital reading experience

Louis Rosenfeld says a good reading experience is shaped by everyone involved.

In this video interview, Louis Rosenfeld, publisher at Rosenfeld Media, LLC, says ownership of the digital reading user experience is shared between authors, publishers, device manufacturers and readers.

Publishing can be the engine of the engagement economy

Brian O'Leary on the opportunities and obstacles of content abundance.

Magellan Media founder Brian O'Leary, addresses issues of content abundance and asserts that publishing needs to reposition itself as the "engine of the engagement economy."

The core of the author platform is unchanged — it’s the tools that are rapidly changing

Author Jeff Potter on the changing role of the author and how to market your own book.

"Cooking for Geeks" author Jeff Potter offers lessons learned while writing, marketing and selling his book. "The book is no longer the product," Potter says. "The product is now the conversations and community that grow around the book."

Unglue.it seeks to set ebooks free

Eric Hellman on Gluejar's Unglue.it platform.

In this TOC podcast, Gluejar president Eric Hellman talks about how the Unglue.it platform can be used for ebook distribution.

Publishing News: It's time to break the stick

A warning about the ebook landscape, and another publisher stands against Amazon.

A dark cloud hangs over the ebook landscape. Elsewhere, another publisher stands up to Amazon and a new report says power readers are pointing the way toward a digital tipping point.

Publishing News: Let's remember why we got into this business

Lavar Burton on the power of storytelling and other highlights from TOC 2012.

LeVar Burton's TOC keynote takes publishing back to its fundamentals; Joe Karaganis says opposition to SOPA isn't enough, we also need we good alternatives; and bookseller Praveen Madan says the future of bookstores hinges on experiences … and perhaps partnering with Amazon.