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Publishing News: B&N boycott becomes booksellers’ cold war against Amazon

The Amazon Publishing boycott expands, dropping DRM is an ace in the hole, and insightful observations on reading.

Booksellers continue to pile on in response to Amazon Publishing's deal with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Also, publishers have a card to play against Amazon and cognitive friction makes for a better reading experience.

Publishing News: The 99-cent problem

Author Melissa Foster on cheap books, geeks join the battle against SOPA, and the future of storytelling arrives.

An author shares her views on the 99-cent price point, a new Firefox add-on uncensors SOPA's censorship, and "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" app really is fantastic.

Publishing News: "Hating Amazon is not a strategy"

Pragmatic responses to Amazon's Price Check, Consumer Reports hits the digital sweet spot and the Kindle Fire can be shelved.

Cooler heads respond to Amazon's latest move, Consumer Reports becomes the envy of news orgs everywhere and Peter Meyers chimes in for a New York Times Kindle Fire evaluation.

Research and restraint: Two more things to add to your digital publishing toolkit

"Breaking the Page" author Peter Meyers on the tools, tech and future of digital publishing.

Since 2009, Peter Meyers has immersed himself in the tools and companies in the digital publishing world. Here he shares what he's learned, who's doing digital publishing well, and what's surprised him.

Do agent-publishers carry a conflict of interest?

How agent-publishers came to be, and what they mean for the publishing world.

Booksquare's Kassia Krozser discusses the emerging agent-publisher role, and why she's concerned about a conflict of interest.

Publishing News: Amazon fires up B&N and BAM

An Amazon deal starts a bookseller war, content tidbits from conferences, and the application of Wikipedia's success.

In this week’s publishing news: B&N and BAM pulled DC Comics graphic novels off the shelves in a huff. Also, interesting data points surface at book conferences, and what newspapers can learn from Wikipedia.

Mindset over matter

Timo Boezeman on the digital transition of a centuries-old analog industry.

In this interview, A.W. Bruna's Timo Boezeman talks about things going right and things going wrong in the digital transition and what publishers should be doing differently. He says the biggest hurdle publishers must overcome is their mindset.

Failure is a digital prerequisite

Jesse Wiley on how a 200-year-old publisher is making its way in the digital world.

In this podcast, John Wiley & Sons' Jesse Wiley discusses the challenges a 200-year-old publisher faces in the digital age.