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Kindle vs Sony Reader: Battle of Distribution Channels

Sony is distributing its e-reader through Target, Borders and other retail outlets, while the Kindle remains Amazon-only. Does Amazon have enough pull to trump Sony's traditional model?

Perseus Targets Small Publishers with Digital Services Suite

Perseus Book Group’s new Constellation service offers independent publishers a conduit to digital formats and platforms. From the New York Times: The companies involved in the deal include Google, for its Google Book Search feature; Amazon, for its Kindle electronic reader; Sony, for its Sony Reader; Barnes & Noble, for its “See Inside” feature on its Web site; and…

News Roundup: Amazon Acquires Shelfari, Hyper-Local Author Events, The Myth of the Level Digital Playing Field

Amazon Acquires Shelfari Amazon is turning its investment in Shelfari, a book-centric social network, into a full acquisition, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Financial details haven't been released, but Shelfari CEO Josh Hug confirmed the acquisition on Shelfari's blog: We've got some big plans ahead. With more resources and Amazon's expertise in building a platform where people come to share ideas,…

Commentary: Apple Could Own the Ebook Category

Guest contributor John Conley says Apple's brand power and core competencies could pose a significant threat to Amazon's Kindle.

Profile of Hay House: "An Attitude is Not a Business Plan"

Hay House and O'Reilly differ in content, but share similar revenue paths. See how they compare.

The Digital-Only Sequel

A sequel to a successful film soundtrack isn't a new idea, but the team behind "Juno" is tweaking the concept: the film's second soundtrack — "Juno B-Sides" — will only be released in digital format.It's an interesting move: ride a wave of popularity in a low-risk digital format. If the album doesn't sell, the backers don't have to deal…