Four short links: 4 November 2013

Four short links: 4 November 2013

Glass Games, Dopplr Design, Free Android, and Shameful Security

  1. A Game Designer’s Guide to Google Glass (Gamasutra) — nice insight that Glass is shovelware-resistant because input is so different and output so limited. (via Beta Knowledge)
  2. Be Polite, Pertinent, and Pretty (Slideshare) — design principles from Dopplr. (via Matt Jones’s memorial to Dopplr)
  3. Replicant — free software Android. (via Wired)
  4. Femme Fatale Dupes IT Guys at Government Agency (Sophos) — story of how a fake LinkedIn profile for a pretty woman reflects as poorly on security practice as on gender politics.
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Four short links: 17 July 2009

Four short links: 17 July 2009

  1. NodeXL: Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration in Excel — Excel plugin for analysing graph data within Excel. Visualization and data wizardry come to the corporates who live in Excel.
  2. Managing the Environmental Crisisa comment by Edwin Winge: “Public involvement does offer long-range benefits, the most pragmatic of which is that it results in better decisions. Park Service managers have discovered through experience that when they are willing to modify their professional judgements by considering ideas and opinions (values) of concerned citizens, the final decision that results is not only more acceptable to the public, it is also more satisfying to the Service.” A banner quote for Gov 2.0, from the father of O’Reilly’s Sara Winge. (via timoreilly on Twitter)
  3. Dopplr Social Atlas for iPhone — an iPhone app that gives you the recommendations by Dopplr users for places to eat, things to do, places to stay around the world.
  4. Microformats Dev Camp — July 25-6 (weekend following OSCON), in San Francisco at the Automattic offices. (via Tantek)
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