"EBay" entries

Commerce Weekly: How Steve Jobs changed the way we buy

The iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and Apple Store have all shaped commerce.

Reflections on Steve Jobs' commercial legacy. Also, Robert Scoble interviews eBay's CEO John Donahoe, who promises not to compete with their customers. (Commerce Weekly is produced as part of a partnership between O'Reilly and PayPal.)

ePayments Week: Contactless payment (and zombie survival tactics)

PayPal preps NFC payments and eBay buys Zong to add direct billing to its toolkit.

PayPal preps NFC payments, while parent eBay buys Zong to add direct billing to wireless accounts to its toolkit. Also, the three types of social commerce and who's driving them.

ePayments Week: Report says developers chill on Android

A report says Android dev interest is stalling, Facebook Credits gets noticed, PayPal buys another real-world service

A report says developers are holding back on Android, put off by fragmentation in the platform and a disappointing uptake in Android tablets. Also, Facebook Credits gets attention and we take a look at PayPal's latest purchase.

ePayments Week: PayPal in brick-and-mortar territory

EBay's acquisition could put PayPal at the register, and why Google sees a warm and fuzzy retail future.

EBay's acquisition of an e-commerce firm could boost PayPal offline. Also, at the Web 2.0 Expo, Google's Osama Bedier describes an ideal vision of the personal shopping experience.

News Roundup: The Crowdsourced Cat Book, Infinite Permutations of the Digital Book, EBay vs. Amazon (Round 2)

The Crowdsourced Cat Book Amazing but True Cat Stories is a 38-page coffee table book born from the combined efforts of Mechanical Turk contributors. The creator/editor of the book, Bj√∂rn Hartmann, describes the genesis of the project on his blog: The idea for this book was born in Terminal A at Washington Dulles, where I was stranded for some hours…

EBay Wants You to Buy It Now

EBay is moving into Amazon's territory. Citing reduced consumer interest in online auctions, eBay is refocusing on fixed-price "Buy It Now" products. From the New York Times: Among the changes being announced Wednesday [8/20/08] is a new pricing plan for sellers who offer fixed-price items in eBay's "Buy It Now" format. Starting in mid-September, sellers will pay only 35…