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Optimizing Web Content for the Kindle Browser

Distribute ebooks on your Web site? Make sure Kindle users can get what they're looking for.

Looking at EPUB's Flexibility and Fidelity

Jon Noring at TeleRead discusses the fundamental importance of the AAP's endorsement of the EPUB specification and format: The following two points in AAP’s letter are germane to this article: 1. AAP sees retailers selling EPUB directly to consumers … as well as selling derivative formats converted from EPUB. Publishers understand the great flexibility that EPUB provides. 2. AAP…

EPUB Creation Just Got Simpler

BookGlutton makes .epub files easier to create with a simple Web form that accepts an HTML file and returns an .epub file.

"Last Lecture" Success Inspires Kindle Marketing

Perhaps catalyzed by the Kindle's new availability, Amazon recently associated the surprise success of The Last Lecture with happy Kindle owners. From an Amazon press release: "One of the advantages for readers is that Kindle titles never go out of stock," said Steve Kessel, Senior Vice President, World Wide Digital Media at Amazon.com. "That's good for readers, and it's…

Keep Your Eye on the epub Ball (But Do Play Nice)

Former IDPF director Nick Bogaty offers a great argument for dialing down pressure aimed at device makers for not yet fully supporting the .epub ebook standard.

Commentary on Penguin's Missed Ebook Opportunity

Extra features won't make ebooks mainstream.