"educational technology" entries

How data and analytics can improve education

George Siemens on the applications and challenges of education data.

Education theorist George Siemens discusses education data: its current state, how it can shape customized learning, and what lies ahead for education analytics.

Can standardization and innovation coexist in education?

Education needs standardized platforms and technical innovation. One framework might serve both.

The goal of an educational platform is to standardize at a level that encourages broad adoption of technologies while also allowing new innovations to flourish. Choosing the wrong level can undermine your best intentions.

Gaming education

Classic ed-tech games and build-your-own methods are now joined by the "gamification" movement.

There are three types of digital games being used in schools. Which you prefer speaks volumes about the role you believe schools should play

iPod program helps school test scores

Oregon third graders' reading and math results benefit from iPod Touch access.

An iPod pilot program in an Oregon classroom lifted math and reading scores. Results from that single pilot inspired the Canby School District to provide iPod Touch access to all its third graders.

A new era of post-productivity computing?

Conscious computing allows technology to become a prosthetic for full potential.

Personal technologies today are prosthetics for our minds, but our opportunity is to create personal technologies that are prosthetics for our beings. That's where conscious computing comes in.

Don't get stuck in Edu 2010

A literal adoption of the National Education Technology Plan could undermine future tech use.

The National EdTech Plan aspires to bring together the best of what we know of teaching and learning with the very best technology has to offer in 2010, yet we can be certain that technology will offer even more in 2012, 2015, and 2020.