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Small Massachusetts HIT conference returns to big issues in health care

The real reason hospitals haven't joined health information exchanges, and other reports from the Massachusetts Heath Data Consortium's annual conference.

David Blumenthal lauds incrementalism at forum on electronic health records

The former National Coordinator spoke at a health care forum in Boston yesterday. The biggest plea from the audience was for more time with patients–a focus not on meaningful use but on meaningful contact.

Report from Open Source convention health track, 2011

OSCon shows that open source health care, although it hasn't broken into the mainstream yet, already inspires a passionate and highly competent community.

Preview of OSCON's health care track

OSCON's health care track will focus on health IT and health data.

This year we’re looking more at what you–patients, clinicians, and researchers–can do with the data you collect, while we continue our coverage of critical IT parts of the health care system.

popHealth open source software permits viewing and reporting of quality measures in health care

popHealth culls quality measures from electronic health records and formats them either for convenient display–so providers can review their quality measures on the Web–or for submission to regulators who require reports on these measures.

Report from first health care privacy conference

Examined dilemmas in data storage, sharing, consent, segmentation, and

Not so fast: assessing achievements and barriers at a Massachusetts Health IT conference

Both the bright lights of success and the mire of gridlock were held up for examination this week at the conference Health Information Technology Improving Healthcare and the Economy. A report on meaningful use, data exchange, jobs in health IT, and more.

Interview: Protecting patient privacy rights in a wired world

Andy Oram interviews Dr. Deborah Peel of the Patient Privacy Rights about the conference "Getting IT Right: Protecting Patient Privacy Rights in a Wired World."

SMART challenge and P4: open source projects look toward the broader use of health records

Many of the building blocks have recently fallen into place for
seamless data exchange between a patient and multiple care
organizations to support such things as real-time interventions in
patient behavior and better clinical decision support.

Report from Massachusetts Health IT forum

About clinical effectiveness research, EHRs, and just working