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Hearing those digital cries for help

Hearing those digital cries for help

The Emergency Social Data Summit will look at online platforms as tools for collective action and crisis response.

The Red Cross will convene an Emergency Social Data Summit in Washington, D.C. to explore the power of online platforms for civic empowerment and improved response to crises.

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Good data cuts through the chaos in Haiti

How aggregated data sources and deep analysis are helping Haiti relief efforts

A host of relief organizations quickly converged on Haiti in the wake of January's earthquake. But each group had its own data, its own structures, and sometimes, its own language. In this guest post, Palantir Technologies software engineer Ari Gesher explains how his company helped important data spread across organizations.

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How crowdsourcing helped Haiti's relief efforts

How crowdsourcing helped Haiti's relief efforts

Lukas Biewald on CrowdFlower's emergency shift from microtasks to Kreyol translations

Tech-minded volunteers quickly pitched in with a variety of communication and data services in the days following the Haiti earthquake. One company — crowdsourcing platform CrowdFlower — repurposed its service as a text-message translation tool to aid Mission 4636. CrowdFlower founder and CEO Lukas Biewald shares his story in this guest post.

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