"emerging languages camp" entries

Poetry of code

New expressive languages pursue simplicity, consistency and play.

In the final post in his Emerging Languages Camp series, John Labovitz examines the new wave of expressive languages. These are the programming forms that encourage openness, a sense of play and a pleasure of work.

New languages get pragmatic

Safety and reliability are hallmarks of many upstart programming languages.

Safety, security and reliability were common themes at the recent Emerging Languages Camp. In this piece, John Labovitz examines the thread of pragmatism that runs through many of the new programming languages discussed at the camp.

Parsing signals from the Emerging Languages Camp

From concurrency to communications: A look at the concepts shaping new programming languages.

Map/reduce, concurrency and communications were among key concepts that consistently popped up during OSCON's Emerging Languages Camp. In this post, John Labovitz digs into these concepts and he considers the unique legacy of languages: influence, not application, is often the footprint.

The next wave of programming languages

Alex Payne previews the first Emerging Languages Camp.

The upcoming OSCON conference will showcase a host of new programming languages in the first Emerging Languages Camp. Alex Payne, BankSimple co-founder and the Camp's co-organizer, explains why new languages emerge and he reveals which languages have captured his attention.

Does the world need another programming language?

Rob Pike on how and why Google's new Go language was developed.

In this Q&A, Google principal engineer Rob Pike discusses development of Go, a new programming language. He also looks at the current state of programming languages and explains why we're in the midst of a language "renaissance."