"EPUB 3" entries

Ebook formats and the allure of customer lock-in

Sanders Kleinfeld on obstacles to a unified ebook format.

In a recent video interview, O'Reilly's Sanders Kleinfeld addressed a number issues surrounding ebook formats. He also talked about how vendors are among the biggest obstacles to an open, universal ebook standard and the end of DRM.

The give and take between e-publishing standards and innovation

Bill McCoy on EPUB 3 and keeping pace with innovation.

In this video interview, Bill McCoy, executive director of the IDPF, says it's important to emphasize and encourage the innovative aspects of building upon EPUB 3, as long as that innovation doesn't lock consumers in to one closed silo.

The ebook evolution

The fifth in a series looking at the major themes of this year's TOC conference.

Several overriding themes permeated this year's Tools of Change for Publishing conference. The final piece in a series looking at five of the major themes, here we take a look at the ebook evolution, from data on how readers acquire and consume ebooks to platform and format trends and predictions.

Top stories: February 6-10, 2012

The NoSQL movement, a victory for the web, and it's time to end DRM and embrace a unified ebook format.

This week on O'Reilly: Mike Loukides surveyed the NoSQL database landscape, the open web scored an important victory in court, and Joe Wikert said it's time to embrace a unified ebook format and abandon DRM.

It's time for a unified ebook format and the end of DRM

Proprietary ebook formats and rights restrictions are holding consumers back.

The music industry has shown that you need to offer consumers a universal format and content without rights restrictions. So when will publishers pay attention?

Children's ebooks and apps are big business on the iPad

WingedChariot's Neal Hoskins on the state of the children's digital book market.

In this TOC podcast, Neal Hoskins, founder of WingedChariot, talks about challenges and opportunities in children's ebooks, including issues with screen sizes and making the development choice between EPUB or app. Hoskins also predicts three front runners vying for the future of this market (hint: Amazon isn't one of them).

Publishing News: Can the Nook be a viable business by itself?

B&N considers a spin-off, news organizations launch NewsRight, and the Apple rumor mill is churning again.

B&N mulled a Nook spin-off, news organizations decided it’s time to capitalize on aggregators, and the 2012 Apple guessing revs up with rumors on iBooks and publishing.

A sensible look at HTML5 and publishing

Sanders Kleinfeld on how book publishers can put HTML5 to use.

Everyone in the publishing world seems to be boasting about HTML5, but what does HTML5 actually address and how should it be used? In this interview, "HTML5 for Publishers" author Sanders Kleinfeld discusses the technology's practical application.

Top Stories: November 14-18, 2011

America's tech schizophrenia, why Apple fans don't like Android, and the terrifying importance of embedded systems.

This week on O'Reilly: Doug Hill used Steve Jobs and Ted Kaczynski to examine America's love/hate relationship with technology, Mike Loukides criticized mobile carriers for messing with Android's UI, and engineer Elecia White shared her enthusiasm for embedded systems.