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Why I haven't caught ereader fever

Platform lock-in and questionable longevity make the iPad a better investment than an ereader.

Ereaders may have their place now, but shifts toward the web and HTML5 make the iPad a wiser and more enduring choice for digital reading.

Publishing News: A magazine platform, ala Netflix

Magazines band together, Google ditches the indies, and a study finds a notable rise in ereading.

Next Issue, a Netflix for magazines, launches. Elsewhere, Google drops its ebook reseller program, and news for book sales is looking up.

Top Stories: March 19-23, 2012

Google Maps alternatives, inside Dart, and the upside of offline.

This week on O'Reilly: StreetEasy's Sebastian Delmont explained why his team left Google Maps behind, we looked at the ins and outs of the Dart programming platform, and Jim Stogdill considered the alternatives to always-on living.

Publishing News: It's time to break the stick

A warning about the ebook landscape, and another publisher stands against Amazon.

A dark cloud hangs over the ebook landscape. Elsewhere, another publisher stands up to Amazon and a new report says power readers are pointing the way toward a digital tipping point.

Publishing News: B&N boycott becomes booksellers’ cold war against Amazon

The Amazon Publishing boycott expands, dropping DRM is an ace in the hole, and insightful observations on reading.

Booksellers continue to pile on in response to Amazon Publishing's deal with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Also, publishers have a card to play against Amazon and cognitive friction makes for a better reading experience.

Publishing News: B&N closes doors on Amazon Publishing

B&N shuns Amazon, Goodreads shuns Amazon, Jonathan Franzen shuns ebooks.

Barnes & Noble ramped up its battle with Amazon this week by shutting it out of its stores. Elsewhere, Goodreads broke up with Amazon’s data API and Jonathan Franzen declared ebooks will be the downfall of civilization.

A study confirms what we've all sensed: Readers are embracing ereading

BISG's Angela Bole on results from the "Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading" study.

In this interview, Angela Bole of the Book Industry Study Group reviews results from the "Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading" study. She says the data looks good for publishers, assuming they can develop the right business models.

Social is an integral part of tomorrow's reading experience

When social reading is done right, it's like a great conversation with interesting people.

In this audio podcast, mobNotate's Ricky Wong and Sean Gerrish talk about how mobNotate connects readers and content, why a social reading environment works, and what such an environment looks like.

Five things we learned about publishing in 2011

Lessons from Amazon, self-publishing, ereading studies, HTML5 and DRM.

It was a busy and sometimes bruising year for publishing as the industry continued its digital transformation. Here, we take a look at five of the biggest lessons from 2011.

Research and restraint: Two more things to add to your digital publishing toolkit

"Breaking the Page" author Peter Meyers on the tools, tech and future of digital publishing.

Since 2009, Peter Meyers has immersed himself in the tools and companies in the digital publishing world. Here he shares what he's learned, who's doing digital publishing well, and what's surprised him.