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Publishing News: The standards of aggregation

Jim Romenesko quits after his attribution standards are questioned, Rakuten buys Kobo, and readers will wait for ebooks.

Jim Romenesko's departure raises questions about aggregation standards. Also, Japanese e-retailer Rakuten buys Kobo, and a new BISG study shows readers are embracing digital formats.

Publishing News: Amazon's Kindle Format 8 dashes hopes for EPUB3 compatibility

Amazon launches KF8, The Guardian becomes more engaging, and tablet users don't discriminate between print and digital.

Any hopes of EPUB3 becoming an across-the-board publishing format standard were dashed by Amazon's new KF8 format. Also, The Guardian launched two new features and a Pew study looked at tablet user behavior.

When content customization is baked in, ownership trumps access

Corey Pressman addresses the digital-era quandary of ownership versus access.

For existing ebook converts already untethered from the symbolic function of a book collection, access to content is quite compelling, says Exprima Media's Corey Pressman. But he says for personalization and customization, ownership is important.

Addressing the state of econtent

Javier Celaya on the future of ereading and epublishing.

In this podcast, Dosdoce Digital Culture's Javier Celaya sat down with Joe Wikert to discuss what may impact the future of econtent, including sales, devices, service and DRM.

Mindset over matter

Timo Boezeman on the digital transition of a centuries-old analog industry.

In this interview, A.W. Bruna's Timo Boezeman talks about things going right and things going wrong in the digital transition and what publishers should be doing differently. He says the biggest hurdle publishers must overcome is their mindset.

Multitouch and the quest to make ereaders more flexible than paper

Pinch. Flip. Curate? LiquidText brings multitouch control to content.

The next TOC Sneak Peek webcast will feature Craig Tashman, founder and CEO of LiquidText, a multitouch software solution for digital marginalia and content manipulation. Here, Tashman talks about how the company got started and how it might change ereading.

Ereading Update: Record device sales and a look at CES tablets

A number of multipurpose tablets made their debut at the Consumer Electronics Show.

In the latest Ereading Update: Tablets and the holidays proved to be fast friends; At CES, a host of tablets were announced by the likes of ASUS, Lenovo, and Motorola