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Augmented reality as etiquette coach

Augmented reality as etiquette coach

Alasdair Allan has a practical goal for AR: putting names to faces.

Alasdair Allen, author of Programming iPhone Sensors, says real-time facial identification — the sort that pairs names and faces on the fly — is closer than you might think. He expands on that topic and a number of others in this video interview.

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Government transparency: Using search data to connect with your audience

Government transparency: Using search data to connect with your audience

When Americans want to know about health care reform, they don't go to opencongress.org and search for "H.R.3200" or H.R.4872". They go to Google and type in "health care reform". One key to making sure that the information you are working so hard to surface makes its way to the citizens who are looking for it? Use free search data to find out the language people are using to refer to that information. At Transparency Camp, I demonstrated a number of these tools.

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Search is the Web's fun and wicked problem

Search is the Web's fun and wicked problem

"Search Patterns" author Peter Morville looks at the next wave of search and reveals the one innovation that led to a watershed moment

We may think of search as static and mature, but it’s a tool in flux. Developments in mobile, augmented reality, and social graphs signal big changes ahead. In this Q&A, “Search Patterns” author Peter Morville shows how experiments at the periphery and weird ideas will shape search’s future. He also reveals the one semi-recent innovation that unlocked a watershed moment for search (it’s not what you’d expect).

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Bing and Google Agree: Slow Pages Lose Users

Today representatives of Google Search and Microsoft's Bing teams, Jake Brutlag and Eric Schurman respectively, presented the results of user performance tests at today's Velocity Conference. The talk was entitled The User and Business Impact of Server Delays, Additional Bytes, and HTTP Chunking in Web Search. These are long-term tests were designed to see what aspects of performance are…

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Excerpting Best Practices Hinge on Intent

A piece in the New York Times reignites the fair use debate by asking: How much excerpting does fair use cover? It's a reasonable question, particularly since Google News, the Huffington Post and countless other sites rely on excerpt aggregation to drive traffic and sell ads. But the rules of excerpting are also — to steal a line from Steve…

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Human vs. Machine: The Great Challenge of Our Time

In an email conversation with Bill Janeway about our upcoming Money:Tech Conference, he said something really profound: The timeliness of this Conference is NOT only because "web 2.0" technologies and business models have reached critical mass in the financial markets. It is also because, as driven by the web more generally, the frontier between human and machine-decision making has…

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