"government 2.0" entries

Taking on IT challenges at California scale

California CIO Teri Takai on IT transformation, sustainability and Gov 2.0

In this interview, California CIO Teri Takai talks about how California is taking on data center consolidation, green tech, scaling legacy systems and more. Her perspectives are of interest to many observers now that she's been nominated to become assistant secretary for Networks and Information Integration at the Department of Defense.

Gov 2.0 Down Under: Australia and open government

Federal Senator Kate Lundy and Nicholas Gruen on Australia's open government plans.

Australia is lapping much of the world with its rapid moves toward open government. Interviews with Federal Senator Kate Lundy and Australia Gov 2.0 task force head Nicholas Gruen reveal the country's current progress and its future plans.

Gov 2.0 Hero Day

A tip of the hat to GovFresh founder Luke Fretwell.

June 15 is Gov 2.0 Hero Day. To mark the occasion, Radar contributor Brian Ahier puts the spotlight on GovFresh founder and Gov 2.0 Hero Day creator Luke Fretwell.

European Union starts project about economic effects of open government data

Open source advocate Marco Fioretti has just announced the start of a
study on open data for the European Union, with a focus on economic
benefits for local businesses. Related surveys are also mentioned.

Here come the healthcare apps

A look at the applications -- and the big opportunities -- showcased at the Community Health Data Forum.

Availability of government healthcare data is giving rise to an ecosystem of innovative applications, many of which were on display at the Community Health Data Forum. We take a look at some of the most promising health-data apps showcased at the event.

Cloud computing saves L.A. millions in IT costs

Los Angeles CTO Randi Levin on why her city moved into Google's cloud.

Nobody will end up with a completely SaaS model, says Randi Levin, at least not in the next couple of years. "What I do see is that most organizations are going to end up in a hybrid world where you have some on-site infrastructure; you have some hosted infrastructure, and you have some SaaS."

Should the U.S. support Internet freedom through technology?

Perspectives on how the State Department could further Internet freedom.

The methods by which online images, texts and videos — the Samizdat of the 21st century — move beyond the boundaries of repressive governments are at the heart of Internet freedom.

Technology for Internet freedom and innovation at the State Department

A look at the role and goals of the U.S. Secretary of State's innovation advisor.

Alec J. Ross, the U.S. Secretary of State’s senior advisor for innovation, doesn’t want a tech strategy — he wants policy and change with a tech component. Read more about Ross’ role and his goals in this interview.

Connecting the dots with Intellipedia

U.S. intelligence agencies are using an internal wiki for knowledge sharing.

The United States' sixteen intelligence agencies are using an internal wiki, dubbed "Intellipedia," to share information. We take a look at how Intellipedia is helping these agencies work better.

Making community health information as useful as weather data

Open health data from Health and Human Services is driving more than 20 new apps.

The chief technology office of Health and Human Services, Todd Park, is fond of using the National Ocean and Oceanographic Association as a metaphor for the innovation that may be unlocked through releasing public data. NOAA data underpins Weather.com and nearly every commercial meteorological service in the United States. Park has been working closely with other government officials and the technology community to create a framework for government to act as a platform through the Community Health Data Initiative.