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US CTO seeks to scale agile thinking and open data across federal government

Todd Park is looking for Presidential Innovation Fellows to help government work better.

In this interview, U.S. chief technology officer Todd Park lays out his ambitious agenda to apply technology in the public interest. Park has introduced new presidential fellowships and programs to scale open data across the federal government, releasing more health information and making digital government citizen-centric.

White House launches new digital government strategy

Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel and CTO Todd Park say open data will be the new default.

The nation's top information technology officials introduced a bold new strategy for 21st century digital government that is built upon data, shared services, citizen-centrism and hews to consistent methodologies for privacy and security.

21st century smarter government is 'data-centric' and 'digital first,' says US CIO

US CIO Steven VanRoekel says that machine-readable open data must be the 'new default' in government.

rom adjusting to the needs of an increasingly mobile federal workforce to moving to the cloud to developing a strategy for big data, it's safe to say that federal CIO Steven VanRoekel has a lot on his plate.

Open source is interoperable with smarter government at the CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has aligned its open source policy with its mission.

CFPB CIO Chris Willey and acting deputy CIO Matthew Burton discuss the agency's new open source policy, government IT, security, programming in-house, the myths around code-sharing, and big data.

Carsharing saves U.S. city governments millions in operating costs

How Zipcar technology is leading to leaner government.

Whether it's co-working, bike sharing, or cohabiting, there are green shoots throughout the economy that suggest the ways we work, play and learn are changing.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shares code built for the people with the people

The CFPB's open source policy focuses on mission and code sharing.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as the nation's "startup federal agency," has the opportunity to start with blank slate. In this guest post, its deputy CIO explains the thinking behind its new open source software policy and strategy.

What is smart disclosure?

"Choice engines" are helping consumers make smarter decisions through personal and government data.

Smart disclosure is when a company or government agency provides consumers with periodic access to personal data in an open format. Citizens can put their own data assets to work in making better choices about finance, healthcare, travel, energy, education, real estate and more.

Help drive the data revolution in health care

The goal of the Health Data Initiative is to be the NOAA of health data.

The Health Data Initiative’s annual “Health Datapalooza” is behing held June 5-6 in Washington, D.C. The deadline for applications is just a few weeks away (March 30).

OK, I admit It. I have a mancrush on the new Federal CTO, Todd Park

Todd Park is a guy who could do literally anything he put his mind to, and he's taking up the challenge of making our government smarter about technology.

HHS CTO Todd Park to serve as the second chief technology officer of the United States

The nation is about to see what an "entrepreneur-in-residence" can do with open data and technology.

In some of the best personnel news to come out of Washington and the federal government under President Obama, the White House has named HHS CTO Todd Park as the second CTO of the United States.