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State of the Computer Book Market, Part 1: The Market

State of the Computer Book Market, Part 1: The Market focuses on comparing 2006 with 2007.

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ETech: Tutorials

Every once in a while Brady sends around the ETech tutorial signup numbers and we scratch our heads at the vagaries of human desire. For example, who'd have thought that iPhone development would outsell Kathy Sierra by 2:1? As of the last report on the 20th, we only had three spaces left in Brian JepsonTom Igoe's Making Things Talk tutorial,…

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OLPC and the Kindle

When I saw the OLPC I just had to tinker around with it. So on an hour train ride home I explored the little OLPC and was quite impressed.

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Ignite Boston – Next Week

There will be some short "launches," followed by lightening talks, and a couple of other ideas that we will inform you of in the coming weeks…. Another reason we wanted to announce this event this early, is so those of you who would like speak for five minutes on something cool, new, or exciting you can get into the queue sooner rather than later.

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Peak Google

Google is presently the big pig at the online advertising trough, commanding by some estimates up to 62% of the $40B online advertising market. I was reading the latest 10-Q quarterly filing from Google, where it quite clearly states: Advertising revenues made up 99% of our revenues in the three and six months ended June 30, 2006 and 2007….

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State of the Computer Book Market, Part Four – Programming Languages Q1 07

In this fourth post [one, two and three are found here] on the State of the Computer Book Market, I will look at programming languages and drill in a little on each language area.

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State of the Computer Book Market, Q107, part 1 – Overall Market

This post is the first of a series on the state of the computer book market. First you need a quick summary on where these data, and our interpretations, come from.

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State of the Computer Book Market, Part 3 – The Publishers

In this third installment, (part one, part two and part four tomorrow), we will look at the how Publishers have fared in the first quarter of 2007.

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State of the Computer Book Market, Part 2 – The Technologies

In this second installment of the state of the computer book market for the first quarter of 2007, I'll look at specific technologies and will drill in on the areas a bit more. Remember that we've organized the data into six "Category Families" — Systems and Programming, Web Design and Development, Business Applications, Digital Media Applications, Consumer Operating Systems and Devices, and Other.

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Asking the Right Question

Roger Magoulas, our director of market research, is fond of including the photo to the right in his presentations, reminding people that numbers need to be treated with care. Conversely, framing your questions in the right way can be incredibly helpful. I heard a really good example of this kind of thing the other day. A now-retired retinal surgeon set…

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