"healthit" entries

Open source alchemy: Health care and Alembic at OSCON

Brian Behlendorf and David Riley on open source health solutions and the Aurion project.

In a series of short video interviews, Brian Behlendorf and David Riley discuss the intersection of open source and electronic health records, and they outline the mission of the Aurion project.

Watson's marketable skills

Jeopardy was fun, but Watson's practical applications are what's really interesting.

Aside from whipping the pants off two Jeapardy geniuses, the Watson computer is opening the door to new monetization possibilities for search.

7 areas beyond gaming where Kinect could play a role

How Kinect could apply to art, education, health and other domains.

Microsoft's Kinect has implications that go beyond gaming. From medicine to learning to participatory art, Alex Howard considers ways Kinect's interface could shift our computing-based interactions.

Healthcare communication gets an upgrade

The Direct Project, formerly NHIN Direct, looks to unite health messaging and the Internet.

Most healthcare communication still involves faxes and paper copies. The Direct Project, formerly known as NHIN Direct, wants to change that through software and secure Internet transport of health messaging.