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Visualization of the Week: Avengers Assemble

Jer Thorp visualizes the history of "The Avengers."

In this week's visualization, The New York Times' data artist Jer Thorp visualizes the appearances of "The Avengers" in the comic book series.


Visualization of the Week: Anachronistic language in “Downton Abbey”

A look at the historical accuracy of "Downton Abbey's" language.

Ben Schmidt ran the script of the "Downton Abbey" season two finale through Google Ngrams to see how the show's language matches up with history.

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Lessons of the Victorian data revolution

Transaction costs, crowdsourcing, and the persuasiveness of data were all in play long ago.

Examples from the Victorian era show that if we're going to improve the world with data, it's absolutely essential we stay grounded in reality.

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Linked data creates a new lens for examining the U.S. Civil War

Data projects are marking the Civil War's 150th anniversary.

The 150th anniversary (the "sesquicentennial") of the first hostilities of U.S. Civil War is occurring this month. Two organizers behind the Civil War Data 150 project discuss how linked data is marking the occasion and improving our knowledge.

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Strata Week: Political lessons from data land

Yelp's MRJob goes open source, CODATA catalogues historical data, one more telecom lawsuit, and Expedia cleans up their UI

In the latest Strata Week: Yelp makes MRJob open source; CODATA wants to inventory "threatened data"; a visualization untangles a telecom lawsuit; and analytics and a simple fix nets $12 million for Expedia.

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