Open question: Which streaming services do you use?

Open question: Which streaming services do you use?

Are you loyal to one streaming service or do you sample from a streaming buffet?

New usage patterns are emerging as streaming services go mainstream. With that in mind, I'd like to find out how Radar readers puts streaming products to use.

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Analytics: Are Streams the New Hits?

The definition of an online video stream can mean different things on different sites. This kind of ambiguity hurts everyone involved.

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Mark Cuban: Copyright Law Gives Hulu Advantage Over YouTube

Mark Cuban says the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (PDF) gives Hulu a distinct advantage over YouTube: Hulu has one HUGE advantage over YouTube, it has the right to sell advertising in and around every single video on its site. It can package and sell any way that might make its customers happy. YouTube on the other hand, has that right…

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