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GIW Day Five: We End with Lansing and Boulder

Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry by Amber Case | Ignite Portland 8View more presentations from Amber Case at Ignite Portland 8. Today is the last day of Global Ignite Week. We are still pulling together the number of speakers and attendees, but with over 60 Ignites in one week we know it was a lot. The videos are starting to roll,…

Ignite Show: Kathy Sierra on Feeling Better is Better

If you want to be successful with your customers, you need to make them feel succesful. It's all about them achieving awesome. This week, Kathy Sierra explains some of the secrets for creating passionate customers.

Ignite Show: Jeff Veen on Great Designers

Good designers copy. Great designers steal. In this week’s Ignite Show Jeff Veen, well-known for his design work on Google Analytics, Wikirank and Typekit, lays out a strong argument for why iPhone imitators are the cargo cults of the digital era. The people building touchscreen knock-offs don’t understand what makes the iPhone great. So instead of creating an end-to-end service they attempt to imitate it’s flashiest features – kind of like Pacific Islanders who built “planes” out of bamboo.

Ignite Show: Anthony Citrano on Money Remixed

Ignite Show Episode 26

This week's Ignite Show veers into the current financial situation of the US. The economy is going off a cliff and financial practices are being, ahem, re-evaluated. Anthony Citrano takes this thinking a step further and ponders what would happen if the US dollar disappeared. He suggests that corporations will end up issuing money (like Kong Bucks in Snow Crash).

Ignite Show: Restoring the Archimedes Palimpsest by Will Noel

In 1906 a researcher realized that in the 13th century a book of Archimedes' treatises had been over-written with prayers. Almost a century later the original manuscript was recovered through the high-tech efforts of Dr. Will Noel. In this Ignite talk he shares the secrets of the Palimpsest and the technology used to uncover them. As described on the…

Ignite Show: Monica Guzman on Being an Awesome News Commenter

This week’s Ignite Show features Seattle PI reporter Monica Guzman. She’s spent most of her career writing for online properties and she’s been able to watch learn what makes for a good conversation around a news item. As someone who also spends a lot of time publishing content online I can appreciate Monica’s thoughts on good commenters and hearing some of what she deals with makes me very appreciative of our readers and how you add to the conversations on our site.

It's Really Just a Series of Tubes

Molly Wright Steenson hit the Ignite jackpot at Etech this year with her explanation of the steam powered network of pneumatic tubes of the 1800s. If you’re someone that, like me, has a [somewhat obsessive relationship with Internet Infrastructure](http://conferences.oreilly.com/velocity), you must watch this talk.

Ignite Show: Dr. Jayson Falkner on DNA Science, It Works!

At Ignite Portland #5, Dr. Jayson Falkner explained the latest in DNA Science, how its effected human evolution and what it’s doing to our society. We’ve cleaned it up and put it into Episode 6 of the Ignite Show. The title is a tribute to the classic XKCD cartoon “Science! It Works….”. The Ignite Show will feature a different speaker every Tuesday for free.

Ignite Show: Andrew Schneider, Experimental Performance Devices

This week’s Ignite Show features Andrew Schneider, a performance artist, and his DIY experimental performance devices, but first a cupcake decorating contest. If you’re at ETech this is a preview for his performance tonight with ZoĆ« Keating before the ETech Fest. The cupcake decorating contest and Andrew’s talk were filmed at Ignite NYC II.