"Ignite" entries

Tonight's Ignite OSCON Line-Up

Bring the duct-tape, your head will explode. Here's the line-up for tomorrow's Ignite OSCON, starting 7.30pm in Exhibit Hall 3 of the San Jose Convention Center. (It's just before the 8.30pm Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards) Jesse Vincent (@obra) – Hacking the Kindle The Kindle is not a read-only platform. One intrepid explorer reports back from the frontier. Skud (@skud) -…

Tuesday Night's Ignite LA Line-Up

The first Ignite LA is tomorrow. We've got a great line-ups of talks. The topics range from social engineering to humpback whales. As always speakers will get 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. We're going to be holding the geek event at Cinespace in Hollywood Tuesday night. The event is free. We're hosting it at Cinespace on July…

Ignite Show: Greg Elin on Hackers in Washington

In this Ignite Show hacker Greg Elin gives us a geeks-eye view on D.C. You can subscribe to the Ignite Show via RSS or iTunes.

Ignite Show: Veronica Belmont on the Do's and Don'ts of Making Memes

At Ignite SF on 4/1 Veronica Belmont shared some do’s and don’ts on businesses and their attempts at viral marketing campaigns. Her advice is simple (Don’t be a jerk, Don’t try too hard, Be funny). Vanessa’s examples run the gamut from one of the best (Subservient Chicken) to the recent and risky (Skittles).

Ignite Show: @MSG on Some Images are REALer Than Others

Snopes became a household word by debunking fake internet images — like this wonderful shark attack. These images are the product of programs like Photoshop or Aviary. In this Ignite Show Michael Galpert shows us how to detect these fake images. For more reading on this check out eHow's article. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share…

Ignite Google IO Line-Up; 5 Passes to Give Away

I will be hosting an Ignite at Google IO on 5/27 from 4:15-5:15 at Moscone. I did an open call for speakers and I'm happy to announce the following will be joining me onstage: Leo Dirac – Transhumanism Morality Why only geeks and hippies can save the world. Michael Driscoll – Hacking Big Data with the Force of Open…

Come to Ignite Where & Launchpad

Every year we kick-off Where 2.0 with a combination Launchpad and Ignite event. This year is no different. So far we’ve got 11 geo-oriented Ignite talks paired with 5 product demos spread across two sets. We’ll be starting the show at 7PM and will conclude by 9PM on May 19th at the Fairmount in San Jose. Bar opens at 6:30.

Ignite Show: Lisa Katayama on Japanese Gadgets and Toys

Lisa Katayama is a tech journalist and an expert on Japanese culture. She combines the two in her Ignite talk this week where she demystifies Japanese gadgets and their society's fascination with them. You've probably read Lisa's writing before. She is the author of Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan (a fun book that I got for…

Ignite @ Google I/O; Submit Your Talk

Ignite is coming to Google I/O later this month. On May 27th, the first afternoon of the conference, I’ll be hosting an Ignite at the Moscone Center. As with all Ignites each speaker will only get 20 slides that each auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of five minutes. We’ll be looking for talks that geeks will like. Think of hacks, how-to’s, and insights. If you’re not sure what an Ignite talk looks like check out the Ignite Show. You have until May 11th to submit your talk.

Ignite Seattle (and elsewhere) Tomorrow, 4/29

Ignite Seattle 6 is tomorrow, Wednesday 4/29, at the King Cat Theatre. Ignite Seattle is free. We've got a great line-up of speakers. Here's the evening's schedule: 7PM – Doors Open 7:30 PM – Paper Tower Contest Begins – Build the tallest tower you can out of just 5 sheets of paper and tape (See Details) 8:30 – First Set…