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ePayments Week: Freemium is fruitful for mobile games

ePayments Week: Freemium is fruitful for mobile games

In-app purchases make free games pay, and iOS 5 reportedly adds facial recognition.

A report says that purchases through free mobile games are becoming the largest share of all mobile games revenue. Also, reports of a facial recognition API in iOS 5 surface, and a new technology tries to sell merchants on using consumers' webcams to scan their credit cards.

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Does Apple's newly enforced policy really benefit Apple?

Reactions to Apple's rejection of the Sony Reader indicate Apple might not come out on top of this one.

Apple rejected the Sony Reader app, (suddenly?) enforcing a policy that requires apps to include an in-app purchasing option. The waters are muddy and nobody is really certain what Apple is doing, but the publishing world isn't taking Apple's lumps quietly.

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