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Open Question: Have You Seen a Kindle in Public?

We pose a few non-scientific questions about device ubiquity.

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Books Fail to Crack Top 100 in iTunes App Store

Analysis from O'Reilly Radar shows that the Books category in the App Store is lagging behind others.

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Technology's "Killer" Distraction

Is anyone else tired of all these so-called Google killers?

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Publishing Industry Not Prepared for "iPod Moment"

From Times Emit: … in the light of consumer demand, there is actually very little [ebook] supply – then surely an "iPod for books" moment could actually be a disaster for the publishing industry, forcing keen and hungry consumers to find their electronic content from other (possibly illegal) sources – as with happened with the ipod moment for, um,…

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iPhone & iPod Knockoffs in China

In Beijing we found a lot of electronics knockoffs. These weren't the extra-runs-at-the-same-factory variety, but instead an entirely different product with similar hardware and branding. I saw "Sony" cameras, "Nokia H-Series" phones, fake iPhones, and fake iPods. Several times the people behind the counter thought that they were the real deal and didn't understand my reluctance to purchase anything….

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