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Developer Week in Review: Java on trial

The trial of the century continues, cat feeders and coding, and PHP sites at risk.

Google and Oracle continue to duke it out in court, with more than just Android at risk. One developer uses cat feeders as a way to look at good software, and the PHP developers take a second try at fixing a critical bug.


Editorial Radar: Functional languages

The benefits of functional languages and functional language techniques.

O'Reilly editors Mike Loukides and Mike Hendrickson discuss the advantages of functional programming languages and how functional language techniques can be deployed with almost any language.

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Developer Week in Review: When giant corporations collide

Oracle and Google head to trial, Microsoft and Linux are BFFs, and the dirty secrets of game cheats.

If Microsoft and Linux can kiss and make up, why is Oracle having such a hard time getting along with Google? Elsewhere, a look inside elaborate game cheats.


Developer Week in Review: The mysterious Google I/O machine

A Google I/O puzzler, more sandbox mayhem, and Go prepares to take wing.

While we wait to sign up for two of the major conferences of the year, Google has released a brainteaser, Java suffers another security breach, and a new language prepares for takeoff.


Strata Week: Simplifying MapReduce through Java

MapReduce gets easier, a new search engine for data, and now you can monitor the universe's forces on your phone.

Cloudera's Crunch hopes to make MapReduce easier, Datafiniti launches a search engine for data, and the University of Oxford releases an Android app for monitoring CERN data.

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Bob Lee on Java references and the state of Java

Square CTO Bob Lee digs into Java's current position.

In this short interview from JavaOne, Square CTO Bob Lee discusses Java references and weighs in on the state of Java and the industry.

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Developer Week in Review: webSOS

HP bails, Oracle fails, and the UK teaches coding (including Wales).

WebOS is going to the great operating system repository in the sky, Oracle finds yet another way to peeve developers, and the UK tries to create a new generation of programmers.


A look at Java 7's new features

A survey of important updates and changes in Java 7.

From strings in switch statements to support for dynamically-typed languages, here's a look at notable features included in Java 7.

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Developer Week in Review: HP fires up the TouchPad production line one more time

HP's unique take on marketing, James Gosling leaves Google, and Apple continues its tavern distribution program.

The TouchPad’s $99 price point proves enticing for consumers and — oddly — HP itself, James Gosling leaves Google, and a possible iPhone 5 leak bears a distinct resemblance to the iPhone 4 leak.

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Developer Week in Review: Lion drops pre-installed MySQL

MySQL is missing from Lion Server, and Apple gets a slap on the wrist from South Korea.

A pre-installed version of MySQL is noticeably absent from Lion Server, South Korea penalizes Apple for the location brouhaha, and Java 7's compiler injects a bit of randomness into software development.