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Rick Dalzell's retirement tribute from Jeff Bezos

Rick Dalzell is retiring today after 10 years as Amazon’s CIO. Rick is an exceptional leader, mentor, and friend to the hundreds of people privileged to know and work with him. Jeff Bezos has given him a public tribute the site (as an easter egg), which can be found by

Geeks on TV

Wired profiled the geek-heavy crop of new shows on TV this season. I was inspired to watch them and here's the redux: Chuck tries too hard to be exciting and not hard enough to be geeky. As if it's not bad enough to have the nation's secrets "downloaded into his brain", the rest of the script is full of similar…

Best Press Release Ever?

We at Radar are not in the business of reprinting or rephrasing press releases — there are plenty of technology blogs that do just that — but every now and then we read one that catches our interest, regardless of the topic. Under the headline "Backcountry.com finally gives something back to the open source community," we've just read a press…

Plan Ahead, People

Here at Radar we are committed to passing on early information on various technology and business trends. And that's why we direct you to this….

The Impressionists

Some blogs I'm loving for their loose, associative wanderings through their worlds: Jan Chipchase – Future Perfect I wound up at a crazy oil industry conference in England last January and sat with this great designer from Nokia who seemed totally fun and interesting. Months later I stumbled across this blog and started reading it, and only later put together…