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Publishing News: Betting on the Nobel Prize

Putting odds on the Nobel Prize, Jobs' biography to release early, and what a free Kindle could do.

The betting line on the Nobel Prize for Literature had an odd contender: Bob Dylan. Also, Steve Jobs' biography was moved up, and Mathew Ingram looked at the possible effects of a free Kindle.

iPad vs. Kindle Fire: Early impressions and a few predictions

Pete Meyers examines his iPad usage and sees how (and if) the Fire could fit in.

Few have actually held the Kindle Fire, let alone put it through its paces, so Pete Meyers chose a novel analytical approach: Examine his own iPad habits and look for spots where the Fire can find a foothold.

ePayments Week: Will NFC add value?

Square asks, who needs NFC? Fire's threat to iPad, and UK mobile broadband use.

Square’s COO questions the value proposition of NFC. Also, early reaction to Amazon’s Fire tablet, and interesting — and obvious — stats about mobile broadband use.

Amazon's "Prime" challenger to the iPad

Why Amazon's Kindle tablet can succeed where others have failed.

While conventional wisdom says that to compete with the iPad you must emulate Apple's best practices, Mark Sigal argues that Amazon can do just fine by blazing its own trail.

Publishing News: Scribd flirting with ebook subscriptions?

Scribd launches its Float app, citizen journalism rebooted, and textbooks come to the Kindle.

In the latest Publishing News: Scribd's Float app aims to be Netflix for reading, the TapIn Bay Area app empowers citizen journalists, and Amazon dips into the e-textbook rental market.

Publishing News: Curation for the Kindle

Curated Kindle content, digital lessons from a web documentary, and the pursuit of concise categorization.

In the latest Publishing News: Dave Pell describes his new Delivereads project, Pete Meyers says "Welcome to Pine Point" is innovative and plain lovely to look at, and Open Library's George Oates discusses how a minimum viable record might work.

Delivereads curates content for your Kindle

Dave Pell's Delivereads sends hand-picked web content to Kindles.

Curation just got a new platform — your Kindle. Dave Pell’s new project, Delivereads, delivers content from around the web via your Kindle email address.

Publishing News: BAFTA nomination hints at app crossover appeal

The Malcom Tucker app might win a BAFTA, Kindle ebook sales outpace print, and a Kindle wish list.

For the first time ever, an app has been nominated for a TV BAFTA, Kindle sales might indicate the ebook tipping point, and the Kindle team gets some (unsolicited) pointers from Joe Wikert.

Kindle 2012: Wish-list features for the next model

Here's a handful of ways Amazon could revolutionize the Kindle.

Amazon is positioned to advance the Kindle platform much faster and further than they have in any 6-12 month period. Joe Wikert outlines new features he'd like to see.

Four short links: 9 February 2011

Four short links: 9 February 2011

Javascript Library, Devops Speeds, Kindle Sales, and AOL's Master Plan

  1. isotope — dazzling Javascript library.
  2. Designs, Lessons, and Advice from Building Large Distributed Systems (Slideshare) — in the words of Matt Webb, through whom I found it, There’s a lovely collection of numbers from Jeff Dean at Google, about how long common computer processor and network operations take. […] What makes this more human is this comparison, which reveals a little bit about computer time: your equivalent to a computer looking up data from a chip is remembering a fact from your own brain. Your equivalent to a computer looking up data from a disk is fetching that fact from Pluto. Computers live in a world of commonplace interactions not the size of a house, like us, but the Solar System. On their own terms, they are long, long lived, and vast.. (via Matt Webb)
  3. Amazon Selling More Kindle Books Than Paperbacks (New Scientist) — Since the beginning of the year, for every 100 paperback books Amazon has sold, the Company has sold 115 Kindle books. Additionally, during this same time period the company has sold three times as many Kindle books as hardcover books. (via Brad DeLong)
  4. The AOL Way — the leaked business plan for AOL’s content farms. I was fascinated by how big companies plan, but this is yet more sausage best made unseen. Most sausagey for me was Slide 33 showing the fantasy: a story suggested by high searches and advertising possibilities, with heavily “SEO optimized” text. (via Chris Heathcote on Delicious)