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Programming in concert mode

Andrew Sorensen's cyberphysical music-making demonstrated programming real-time systems in real time.

Music and programming share deep mathematical roots, but have very different senses of “performance”. At OSCON, Andrew Sorensen reunited those two branches to give a live “concert” performance as a keynote. Sorensen brought his decade of “live coding musical concerts in front of an audience” to a real-time demonstration of Extempore, “a systems programming language designed to support the programming of real-time systems in real time”:

“Extempore is designed to support a style of programming dubbed ‘cyberphysical’ programming. Cyberphysical programming supports the notion of a human programmer operating as an active agent in a real-time distributed network of environmentally aware systems.”

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Developer Week in Review: These things always happen in threes

The industry loses a third giant, why the GPL hurts FL/OSS, and Steve Jobs goes to the movies.

One of the earliest language pioneers, John McCarthy, passed last week. Elsewhere, one developer admits he's using the GPL to force companies to pay him, and the creator of the "West Wing" is on the short list to write the film version of Steve Jobs' life.

Clojure: Lisp meets Java, with a side of Erlang

Stuart Sierra on why Clojure is catching on.

Stuart Sierra digs into Clojure: what it is, how it works, and why it's attracting Java developers.