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Not a self-publisher, far from a traditional publisher

Jesse Potash on how he's approaching the publishing model differently with Pubslush Press.

In this podcast, Jesse Potash, founder of Pubslush Press, talks about how his company differs from self-publishing platforms — and from Kickstarter — and how he’s using it to help eradicate global illiteracy.

Giving kids access to almost any book in the world

Elizabeth Wood on Worldreader's work to improve literacy in the developing world.

For many kids, Worldreader provides the only opportunity they may have to access books. In this interview, Worldreaders' Elizabeth Wood explains how ereaders and access can make a difference.

A More Public Role for Public Broadcasting: Education

Imagine a broadcast network in America that was dedicated to education, where the best educators had the opportunity to produce its programming, and where individuals as well as institutions could develop a new genre of wide-ranging educational programs? Educational programming could elevate the role of teaching in our culture and promote the value of lifelong learning. This blog post explores…

Reading Campaign Taps Web Trickery

The following is for entertainment/information purposes only. Don't blame us when you get fired for reading Animal Farm on the job. Read at Work is a Web site that displays a Windows XP overlay on your computer (in itself not all that impressive … especially if you're on a Mac). But look closer and you'll see that the clickable…