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The sorry state of ebook samples, and four ways to improve them

A good ebook sample can turn a browser into a buyer.

Joe Wikert: "My gut tells me the revenue missed by not converting samples into sales is a much larger figure than the revenue lost to piracy. And yet, the publishing industry spends a small fortune every year in DRM but treats samples as an afterthought."

Top Stories: April 2-6, 2012

Data and context are always linked, data outputs beyond visualizations, state of the computer book market.

This week on O'Reilly: Mike Loukides explained why problems arise when data is taken out of social contexts, Robbie Allen looked at six ways insight can be extracted from datasets, and Mike Hendrickson analyzed the current state of the computer book market.

Top Stories: September 12-16, 2011

Building data science teams, the evolution of data products, and the grunt work of data journalism.

This week on O'Reilly: DJ Patil revealed the skills and qualities of great data science teams, we learned that new data products put emphasis on experiences rather than on the data itself, and Simon Rogers discussed the considerable effort that goes into The Guardian's data journalism.

When media rebooted, it brought marketing with it

Mitch Joel on matching marketing platforms to your needs and why book ads might work.

In this TOC podcast, Twist Image president Mitch Joel talks about some of the common challenges facing the music, magazine and book publishing sectors. He also expands on his suggestion that publishers should "burn the ships" and not look back.

Publishing News: Amazon and the sub-$300 tablet

Amazon tablet rumors, Stephen King offers early access, and the "email" copyright turns 29.

Can Amazon crack the $300 tablet barrier? Also, Stephen King's latest was available early to those with Klout, and the man who copyrighted "email" 29 years ago says email death notices are premature.

Radar's top stories: June 13-17, 2011

Big data and the semantic web, choosing the right license for data, 3 great ideas you should steal

This week on Radar: We looked at the links between big data and the semantic web, the thought process behind OpenStreetMap's move to the Open Database License was revealed, and we highlighted three ideas you should lift from HubSpot.

How one publisher uses "aggressive marketing"

Open Road gets aggressive with adaptation and real-time marketing.

Being digital isn’t the novelty it once was, so some publishing companies are shifting focus to competitive differentiation within digital. Jane Friedman’s company Open Road Integrated Media believes aggressive marketing is the key to digital success.

10 ways to botch a mobile app

Give your mobile app a better shot at success by avoiding these common mistakes.

With the aim of injecting reason and business know-how into the app development process, "App Savvy" author Ken Yarmosh outlines the top 10 reasons why apps often falter or fail.

Want to know where to build a new store? Check your human density data

Skyhook's Ted Morgan on the applications of human density data.

Ted Morgan, Skyhook co-founder and CEO, discusses the value of human density data and why it will help drive marketing, business and development decisions.

Four short links: 19 May 2011

Four short links: 19 May 2011

Internet Access Rights, Statistical Peace, Vintage Jobs, and Errata Etymology

  1. Right to Access the Internet — a survey of different countries’ rights to access to access the Internet.
  2. Peace Through Statistics — three ex-Yugoslavian statisticians nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. In war-torn and impoverished countries, statistics provides a welcome arena in which science runs independent of ethnicity and religion. With so few resources, many countries are graduating few, if any, PhDs in statistical sciences. These statisticians collaboratively began a campaign to collect together the basics underlying statistics and statistics education, with the hope of increasing access to statistical ideas, knowledge and training around the world.
  3. Vintage Steve Jobs (YouTube) — he’s launching the “Think Different” campaign, but it’s a great reminder of what a powerful speaker he is and a look at how he thinks about marketing.
  4. Anatomy of a Fake Quotation (The Atlantic) — deconstructing how the words of a 24 year old English teacher in Japan sped around the world, attributed to Martin Luther King.